How to Become a good Photographer in 3 weeks

How to Become a good Photographer in 3 weeks

Photography can be a fun hobby. Millions of people all over the world enjoy taking photos of family, friends, events, nature and more. However, most people are only average photographers at best. If you want to improve your photography skills, then you will find that there are various ways to do so

You can still become a better photographer if you really want to. You can have lots of readings from different media about photography where you can get tips on how to capture perfect photos. The following is how to become a good photographer in 3 weeks.

  • Macro Photography

Move closer or zoom in. When subjects are small, a step or two nearer will do better. Fill up the picture area with your subject. But never too close, pictures will become blurry. Remember that focusing distance is three feet away from the camera.

Macro Photography

  • Not all subjects need to be in the center

Taking pictures especially with nature or views in the outdoor should be moved away from the center. In as simple as moving subjects away from the center of the picture, your subject will come to life.

  • Auto-focus photography

Do not forget to lock the camera’s focus. Putting your subject at the side of the picture requires you to lock its focus for sharp pictures. Auto-focus cameras focus on anything that is in the center, so never forget to lock the focus.

Auto focus photography

  • Simple

Keep your photos relatively simple a good picture ought to be simple and easy to understand. Whilst it’s important to take meaningful photos, in most cases your photos will express much more if you concentrate on simple subjects rather than attempting to pull together a composition that’s too intricate.

  • Use a good external flash gun

If you can afford it by an external flash gun and use that rather than the one that comes with your camera. This is because the on-camera flash can create very harsh and flat lighting. With an external flash, you can bounce the light off a wall or ceiling and get a much more natural and flattering effect.

external flash gun

  • Pay attention to environment

A great photography hint is to always be conscious of your environment even when you don’t have a camera with you; you should still maintain your photographic ‘vision’ and keep an eye open for interesting subjects and shapes. Keep looking at the quality and nature of light in different situations too. This will enable you to really develop your photographic ‘eye’.

  • Shadow

It can be a great idea to play around with shadows in your pictures In fact; sometimes the shadows cast by objects can be more visually interesting than the subject itself, especially when they are cast across an uneven surface or when the subject is side-lit.

Shadow Photography

  • Black and white

If you really want to get creative and have some fun in the process, try shooting with some black and white film. Films are still widely available and traditional black and white prints have a beautiful timeless quality to them.

  • Maintain eye contact

Like in the real life, direct eye contact is also important in taking pictures. To let loose the power of captivating gazes and compelling smiles, position the camera at the subject’s eye level. If you take pictures of children, stoop down to their level. Your subjects don’t have to stare at the camera. The eye level contact generates a special and tempting feeling that draws you into the picture.

  • Choose the right background

Avoid distracting backgrounds that show like something dangling in your subject’s ears. You Might as well choose a plain background that allows you to show off your subject.

  • Be the director

Be on the look out of the pictures that you have taken. See whether you have improved or not. Being the director, take charge of the location, props and arrangement.

  • Try to incorporate shapes into your photography

Whether it’s triangles, circles, squares or lines, these can add structure and dynamism to your work and can help lead the eye around the frame of your image.

  • Lastly, a good camera

A good camera can make a huge difference on your photos and help to enhance your skills quickly. If you can get yourself an awesome and badass camera, you have already won 70% of the competition.

Recently, I found a good website that reviews a lot of cameras, you should check it out.

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In Conclusion

If you do not want to buy an expensive camera first, you can use your android. Here is a video I found on how to use it.


It’s important to remember that with a bit of practice and some determination you really can improve the quality of your work. You really don’t have to be a professional to become a good photographer because the above tips outline how to become a good photographer in 3 weeks.

After that, when you have some experiences in using a camera, you should get a good camera. The important thing is you should try out as many cameras as you can to find the most appropriate one for your task.

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10 Creative Photographs I Found That Can Amaze You

Here is a few creative photos that I managed to find from some of our friends over this past year. I would love to have you take a look and tell us, what are they like?

I would love to have you take a look and tell us, what are they like?

These photos were taken in different occasions and contexts, where my team and I have our project manager planned the places and a creator, who designed the way my team took the pictures.

Enjoy and have fun!

The 3 beautiful ladies

Creative Photos

A reflection of a person

The reflection

A little boy

A little boy

A reflection of a duck

Duck reflection

Phone and lights

Phone and Lights

Little Lego Photographer

Little Photographer

Little Wedding by Bleuz

Little Wedding

The TINY rocket

The rocket

Small Tank

Small Tank

Sky Night

Sky Night

So that is all for now, these are the creative pictures I have found and wanted to share with you as my audience. I promise to bring more in the next posts with a lot more creativity.

I also want you to share these pictures with your friends so that we are encouraged to do more of these kind of photographs.

And do not forget to tell me what you think about these photos. You are welcomed to let me know your preferable ideas for the following set of photos.

Up you go for now.